Meet Anthony & Leeann Cooper

Anthony “Brent” Cooper

Anthony is a former professional boxer. Back in 2005, he was one of only 16 professional boxers chosen to appear on NBC’s Reality Show “The Contender”. He made it through to episode 6 and was a featured fighter in the finale bout, hosted at Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas.  While it was a boxing show, many viewers were most impacted by his profession of faith, even during challenging battles. This experience opened doors and led to appearances on “The 700 Club”, the Paula White Show, TBN’s “Praise the Lord, CTN’s “Bridges” and more.

Leeann Cooper

Leeann is Anthony’s beautiful wife of 18 years. Originally an Ohio native, Leeann moved to Nashville for music. She landed her first major record deal at the age of 19 and had a second one by the age of 21. She then made the unconventional choice of deciding to let GO of her dreams and let GOD reveal His. She began to give her gifts to the Lord and supported Anthony as doors began to open for them to share their testimony. It wasn’t always an easy journey, but it was through enduring multiple challenges that Leeann developed a heartfelt desire to see others WIN in life. Together, they have had the opportunity to share their testimonties to thousands over the past few years. Then, in 2013, Anthony & Leeann followed God’s timing to pursue ministry full-time to help people claim victories in their own life battles. Welcome to Ring of Faith!

About Ring of Faith

Ring of Faith: How to win the battles in life with the Word of God

Ring of Faith is an uplifting TV show, featuring three rounds with NBC reality TV star Anthony Brent Cooper and his charismatic wife, Leeann. Their witty banter and grounded wisdom make this show both entertaining and revelatory to listeners of all ages. Inspiring testimonies and weekly training tips motivate you to get in shape spiritually and challenge you to soar to new heights in your relationships with God and others. This show is a real KNOCKOUT! The Ring of Faith currently airs on WHTN-CTN Nashville which reaches over 792,000 TV subscribers in Middle TN, Southern KY, and Northern AL. Check your local listings for show times.


Our Vision:



weekly training tips to help you WIN in life!



the viewer with tools they need to fulfill their destinies and become all God created them to be!



in motivating others to grow in spirit, soul and body!



a new generation to become CHAMPIONS in life!